Living & Telling

Your Role

There are several ways you can personally bring the Living and Telling experience to believers in your area.

Small Group Leader

In the small group setting, each small group needs a leader comfortable teaching instructional material and facilitating group discussions. The instructional material for each session is provided in the leader’s guide (downloadable here), and the leader’s guide includes leader tips in each session to support the presentations. Group leaders need to be confident directing a group of people, making them feel welcome, drawing them into a sharing environment, and redirecting conversation into more productive directions when necessary.


If you aren’t comfortable leading a group yourself, perhaps you can act as a host for the group. Do you have a home with adequate meeting space for 6-8 people? Does this space provide a welcoming and private environment for others to share openly about their stories? If so, this could be perfect role for you.


Maybe you aren’t the right person to lead or host a group but you know others who would do this well in a small group setting. In that case, all you need to do is get this material into their hands and let them take things from there.

Or perhaps you know that bringing a larger two-day seminar to your church would result in a great response and you’re willing to help make that happen. In this case, you could act as the point person who assembles the teachers, the table facilitators, the meeting space, the teaching materials (downloadable here), and the publicity that will make the seminar a success.

Two-Day Seminar Teacher

In the large group setting of a two-day seminar, teachers are needed to present the instructional material at regular intervals to the group. The instructional material is included in the leader’s guide for you (downloadable here) and only needs a gifted teacher to communicate the material to others.

Two-Day Seminar Table Leader

Participants in the seminar format of the Living and Telling experience engage at periodic intervals with the people seated at their tables, but they need someone to facilitate that experience. If leading a small group of people through particular discussion questions is something you’re gifted to do, this role could be a perfect fit for you.