Living & Telling


The Living & Telling six-session video curriculum offers a story-based approach to personal evangelism. You might wonder why we take that approach.

Well, one reason is that stories have always been with us. Our ancestors told stories to retain the oral tradition of their history when the printing press didn’t yet exist. The Bible is one long story that spans the beginning to the end of time. Jesus told stories to connect the people who followed him to the good news of the kingdom.

Even today, we are surrounded by stories through books, movies, blogs, reality TV, and the news. We connect with others in conversation usually through the sharing of stories. Stories are so much a part of us, they’re practically programmed into our DNA.

What’s more, our stories reveal a lot about our search for God. Whether we know it or not, we begin this search early in life as we look high and low for the peace that will truly satisfy us. Every person’s story includes this search for peace—which is really a search for God—and this search often results in one form or another of the five key motivational themes:

  • Theme 1: Peace, satisfaction, or freedom from anxiety
  • Theme 2: Success, significance, or finding one’s purpose in life
  • Theme 3: Love, friendship, or freedom from loneliness
  • Theme 4: Security, forgiveness, or an overall sense of well being
  • Theme 5: Joy, happiness, or enjoyment of life

Can you identify the core motivational theme at work in your life before you found the peace that comes through Jesus Christ? Can you identify the core motivational themes at work right now in the lives of those around you? Might knowing someone’s core motivational theme affect the way you relate and share the hope of Christ with them?

The Living and Telling curriculum, in its story-based approach to personal evangelism, begins with these few basic principles. And over the course of six sessions, you and your group members not only learn these story basics and apply them to your own lives, but you also learn how to connect to others’ stories and share the greater story of God with them in natural, meaningful ways.

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